Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick update from Puerto Vallarta

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd write a little note to let you know we're all safe and sound, sipping margaritas by the beach and refining our salsa moves. We left Guadalajara about a week ago, bloated with clumsy Spanish, and have been at a couple of beach towns since, chilling with the Mexicans. We assessed our video material the other day and decided that we don't have enough footage to maintain the level of entertainment that our screaming fans demand. I was also at bit of a loss for stories, as we've just been learning Spanish and hanging with awesome people lately - both being accepted yet non-reportable forms of Dual Sporting. We hit the South road tomorrow, to relentlessly seek out tacos, twisty roads and the low moan of adventure. Adios amigos!

Ferg has that magic touch with the ladies.

The attempted removal of some propagating fatigue fractures with slag infused and paint contaminated weld blobs.

A couple of our new Mexican brothers.

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