The Stats

Some data for you to analyse...

Trip Start Date: July 1st 2012

Distance travelled by motorbike so far: 30 000 kms as of May 1st 2013

Number of campfires had: 31

Number of nights camped, free : 26

Number of nights camped, paid : 21

Cheapest camp fee: US$2.60

Cheapest hotel room: US$7 between Mazatlan and Durango

Cheapest tacos: 2 Mexican Pesos (about 15 cents in USD) San Christobel, Chiapas, Mexico

Number of bears seen: 5

Number of mountains/volcanoes climbed: 8

Number of hammocks strung: 14

Number of times bikes dropped: 49

Number of suspected broken bones: 2 - matt's rib, matt's wrist

Number of time we've used McDonalds wifi without buying anything: 24

Number of times a bike wouldn't start while in a remote location: 3

Number of times middle aged men that have expressed their intentions of getting into Dual Sporting: 134

Number of times we've been invited to a stranger's house: 21

Number of tacos consumed: 237

Number of bribes paid: 2

Number of X-Ray sessions: 2

Number of times injury/illness has prevented travel: 6

Stuff bent, broken and bruised (repair technique in brackets):
1 Headlight housing (2 part epoxy glue, duct tape, 'Amazing' goop)
1 headlight bulb (replace)
1 Windshield (2 part epoxy glue)
4 Fairings (2 part epoxy glue, zip ties, duct tape)
2 Panniers (hammer)

I set of crash bars (still need to be welded)
2 sets of Pannier racks (brute force)
1 Rib (time)
1 Shoulder ligament (time)
1 Clutch lever (bent straight)
1 highway foot peg (zip ties, hose clamp)
Sense of humour (beer)
Pride (beer)
1 tool tube (discard)
1 indicator mount (zip ties)
1 front mud guard (zip ties)
1 rear shock absorber (ignore)
1 front shock absorber (renew fork oil, yet to repair)
1 dry bag strap (occy strap)
1 camelbak bite valve (duct tape)

Crash bars (hose clamp)
1 M8 alan head bolt from Atley's pannier racks (hose clamps)
1 mirror (replaced)
1 footpeg bolt (duck tape)
Sidestand switch (cut and crossed wires. shit switch anyway)
Helmet vent (ignore)
Panniers bent (bent back)
Rear pelican case bolt broken (painted over it)
GoPro camera mount broken when helmet fell off 2 story balcony (looked at it)
Atley's forearm artery (yelled at it)
Ferg's skin after volcano boarding (slapped it)

Stuff left behind (accidentally)
1 roll duct tape
3 thongs
1 pair boardies
1 packet zip ties

1 belt
1 iPhone headphones
1 pillow
1 Footpeg Bolt

Stuff left behind (on purpose)
3 thongs (individuals)
1 camera bag
1 iPod charger
1 copy Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
1 pair men's jocks

1 belt
Regular world - 1 per person
1 pair track suit pants
7 shirts (all Atley)
1 pair of soiled underpants
1 Airhawk inflatable seat (after19 000km of testing, the verdict is: it's shit)
1 pair of glasses (broke)
Toothpaste and toothbrush

Stuff Stolen
Tank bag: containing camera, leatherman, helmet visor, sunglasses, riding gloves, iphone cords, scala cord


  1. I can't understand why two grown men would carry that many thongs on a motorcycle trip. Good to hear you abandoned them.


  2. You never know when you´ll be caught with your pants down.