Friday, August 23, 2013

Episode 16 Video

Hola amigos!

As promised, we now have the Episode 16 video edited and on YouTube, to do our best to satiate your endless motorbike desires!

Remember us?
All has gone to plan since the last blog post. Atley and Wendy travelled south through Peru and met with a motorbike touring company who purchased his bike. As the guy handed over the cash he had 4 grease monkeys dismantling the Black Beauty for parts - a sad ending for Atley's faithful steed. Sorry Rob! They then flew to Aus, got haircuts, mo-cuts, jobs and are currently neck deep in Regular World Bliss! Hope you're reading this at your desks you two!

Standard pre-ride warm ups.
This is what they'd look like without bodies and if you painted their faces black. In Peru.
Ferg hung out in Ecuador until some seedy locals bought his bike for the price he wanted. He then Lollapalooza'd it up in LA, hung out with The Gozz and Co, then jet-setted back to Aus. There he surfed, caught up with his many fans, and then headed over to Europe to meet Jano. He is now cruising down Rhine on a Ferguson Family Wine Tour... Living the dream son!

Walking with Janeo (no motorbike...) in Budapest.
Any excuse to get two wheels underneath me.
Croatian beach holiday.
Boys will be boys.
I'm writing this (Matt) so I'll write in the first person! I hung out in Ecuador with Ferg, Ebru, Ken, Trev and Kon for a while. We toured the lands like the faithful explorers we are, conquered storms, drizzle, sand, iPhone theft, valve adjustments, Full Moon Parties and roadside food joints. Eventually I peeled off for the North, and rode up back up into Colombia. There I spent 2 awesome months completely immersed in the motorbike world, centred around Medellin. I spun wrenches, rode motorcross, rode various bikes on the National Race Track near Bogota and went on many tours of the lands, both long and short. I jumped into the deep end with the language, and fluctuated between gagging on the bottom of the pool and taking spluttered gasps at the surface. In the end the language was a real limitation in my job, working with only Spanish speaking Colombians. Indeed my grasp of the language improved, and I learnt many swear words, much to the amusement of both staff and customers, but when every sentence I heard had a new word in it, I was generally confused to some degree. But I battled on, and still made many awesome friends and had great adventures. Turns out you don't need to have a high level of communication to be friends with someone, which is a pretty great discovery of mine.

Turns out I like riding all kinds of bikes....
Another happy race day!
Edwin and I were Danny's race mechanics a couple of times.
Colombia has many mountains.
In early August I loaded my bike onto a cargo plane in Bogota, Colombia, and it flew to Miami, USA. I'm now on the road, to complete my trip by returning to the amazing place where it all began: Draper Road, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada! I'm currently in Florida, and will tour the eastern states on my way North. If anything interesting happens, maybe I'll do a blog post. Or at least put a few photos up.

After getting my bike safely into the USA, I flew up to Alberta to be a surprise guest at The Caveman Wedding.
Anyway, here it is: Episode 16 of TheMattAtleyFergandWendyShow! Full screen, full volume, full quality, big screen, popcorn and some cold beer to help the joy go down. Cheers!