It's humbling to see how many people are so willing to give up their time, their tools, their shed, their hot tub or their beers to help us out in the planning and implementation of this journey.

If we missed you on this thank you page, just blame the people that gave us their beer.

Sheldon Nielson
Greg Strong
Brent Harvey
Carlos Aloma
Brent Boutilier
Ken Williams
Dave Murray
Justin Seguin
Kelsey and The Caveman
Donna Rankin
Kevin Ruddock
Tony Kennedy
Steve Shupe
Pete, Kim, Lindsey, Taylor, Brady, Landon and Bobby Nelson
Andy and Amanda Simonson
Pete, Beth, Teddy and Evy Goslow
David and Elizabeth Wilks
The Wendy
Dr Strange Love, Johnny, Irving, Javier
The Rojas Family
Atley's Mexican Family
Ferg's Mexican Family
Mats The Viking
Carlos Magnun
Danny Fernandez
Uncle Trevor Angel
Kornelius Martin
Kari and Rosie
Ken and Ebru
Motolombia Mike
The Stahl Raht and crew
Pedro Amozas
Joe Patterson
Sherri Watts
All the people in the Episode 15 video introduction
Cam Gough
The Internet
Matt Hogg
Mark Atley
Mark Ferguson
and Wendy McLellan.

And thanks to all our friends and family who have supported our "bloody stupid plan" to ride half way round the world.... we did it!

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